"bon vi-vant"

(ban ve vant') Fr

n.  a sociable person who has refined tastes,

especially in Travel and Dining

River Cruising
Visit multiple countries while only unpacking once.

Immerse in the local culture of some of the most unique cities in Europe. Explore every corner and savor each local dish. At the end of the day, change the perspective and enjoy the breathtaking views from the comfort of your river cruise cabin, while sipping your favorite local wine.

River cruises are a memorable and stress-free way to explore the world in comfort and style. These unforgettable journeys offer magnificent scenery, fabulous cuisine, immersive tours of enchanting destinations, active adventures, and a wide array of enriching experiences.

River cruise ships are like small floating boutique hotels sailing on the world’s most beautiful waterways. This highly-inclusive type of sailing focuses on the destinations, with plenty of time at each port of call. Unpack once and relax as spectacular new views, storybook villages, towns, and cities arrive each day.

You will travel in style and comfort through major European cities and quaint villages. All your tours and activities will be included, along with gourmet dining and locally sourced wine and beer included with your meals.

River Cruising is simply the most relaxing and enjoyable way to visit multiple countries while only unpacking once.

Culinary Travel
Culinary Adventures are only limited by your Imagination.

Culinary Adventures are not limited to savoring gourmet food created by toque-wearing chefs at Michelin-starred restaurants. They are about unique, authentic and memorable experiences when you travel. They are a way to get to know a city through your taste buds. They are the delicious stories each destination has to tell.

Imagine following a Chef through the market and then learning to make Paella in Barcelona, or teasing your taste buds as you learn the art of wine making in Bordeaux. Maybe you want to learn how to make the perfect Beef Bourguignon in the same French culinary school that taught Julia Child? Maybe you’ve dreamed of a pub crawl through Ireland or truffle hunting in Provence? Or perhaps making pasta in Italy or Mango Sticky Rice in Bangkok? Whether it’s a food tour, cooking class, sitting down to dinner with a local resident or dining in a Michelin three-starred restaurant, the possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination.


Our Story

The Birth of Bon Vivant Voyages

Holly Serokos and her husband Joe started their first Travel Agency, Burnt Store Travel, because of their love of travel and how much they enjoyed planning trips for themselves and their friends.

Applying the dedication and attention to detail she perfected during a 30-year career on Wall Street, she dove right in and began making other peoples’ travel dreams a reality. Holly soon realized that in travel, just like on Wall Street, you need to focus rather than generalize. But it wasn’t until her first river cruise, AmaWaterways’ Colors of Provence, that Holly discovered a new-found passion in River Cruising. Although not her first trip to Europe, or even to the South of France, there was something magical about watching the countryside float by from the sundeck of a river cruise ship. It was relaxing, educational and convivial — and she was hooked! Cruising down the Rhone River under the warm French sunshine, she realized that the delights of River Cruising were something she wanted to share with everyone. River Cruising was simply the most enjoyable and relaxing way to visit multiple countries and enjoy ever-changing views, while only unpacking once.

Holly’s love of River Cruising led her to develop her niche.

But it is her culinary background as a graduate of the French Culinary Institute and her love of all things food and wine which led her to create Bon Vivant Voyages, a division of Burnt Store Travel. With Bon Vivant Voyages, she combines her two passions— Amazing Cruises and Culinary Adventures. Holly understands that her clients want not only to visit a destination, they want to experience it. By combining her personal travel experiences, her planning expertise, her access to the largest network of suppliers and listening to her clients wishes, she is able to turn their dreams into a reality. 

Bon Vivant Voyages Mission Statement:

Our mission is SIMPLE:

At Bon Vivant Voyages, we love River Cruising and we love Culinary Travel. We think everyone should experience the magic of cruising the great rivers of Europe, visiting multiple countries and enjoying all the different outstanding cuisines at least once in their lives. 

Our Mission is SIMPLE, we love to travel and we love to help our clients travel. Our penchant for travel is extraordinary and our commitment to exceptional service is unshakable.

Travel is our passion, and you are our priority. We have adopted three phases for the travel experience –

  • We strive to make your pre-trip period a stress-less time of learning and anticipation
  • We have the resources to provide a vacation that will exceed your expectations
  • We are committed to helping you create the memories of a lifetime

We not only want to help you visit your dream destination, but we hope we can spark a desire to visit exciting new places, as well.